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"Forstökologie Online"

Welcome to Forest Ecology Online!

Since the beginning of 2000, the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences has built a teaching platform with tutorials in the area of forest ecology. Forest Ecology Online is made up of different, single discipline tutorials, which are related to each other so that each of them may be used either for self-study accompanied by different learning blocks, or as test preparation with regard to its ecological relationships.

In the first phase, the Soil Science tutorials (soil chemistry, soil physics, soil development and systematics) were compiled and activated. In the meantime, tutorial modules about Tree Physiology (photosynthesis and respiration), Forest Botany (wood) and Forest Zoology (Forest Zoology I) were set down and implemented in regular lectures. Statistic and measurement lessons, two lectures from the division of Forest Biometry, were created later on and made available for students. Most of the modules are also available for M.Sc. students in English language.

Forest Ecology Online is accessible over the Internet. The teaching environment used is named "ILIAS" and has been developed at the University of Cologne. Besides tutorial management, they offer the possibility to create personal settings such as bookmarks and annotations, and even build virtual study groups, or connect with the dozens of news systems and discussion forums.

In 2002, Forest Ecology Online received the State Teaching Award of Baden-Württemberg. This fact pays attribute to the tutorial's high quality. In the accompanied evaluation study, it was also shown that over 80% of students approved of the program and would gladly accept the offer to study with computers.

Technical Requirements:

     * Internet access
     * Browser (ex. IE after version 4.0 or Netscape 4.0)
     * Flash-PlugIn (after version 5.0 )

How do you get to the virtual study environment? 


If you want an ILIAS account of your own, please send an email to


(please remember your email address, because you will need it to generate your password later on).
Please enter your surname and the last three digits of your immatriculation no. as the subject of the message
(z.B. Mueller223) -> this is also your ILIAS user name.


Once the account has been established by us (usually within a few days), please go to the login page:

Access: Forstökologie Online


  • click „Passwort vergessen“

  • enter user name (surname + last 3 digits of immatric. no.) and email address as password

  • you will now receive an automatically generated email. Please read it carefully and follow the recommended steps to create a personal password. Now you can use all ILIAS contents!


  • Guests visitors will also be able to gain access to the soils-related units by using:

     User name/Benutzername: bodenkunde
     Password/Passwort:         bodenkunde

A short introduction to ILIAS 3 can be found on the pages of the FH Zentralschweiz or Uni Mainz!




Dr. H. Schack-Kirchner
- for questions concerning content -
Institut für Bodenkunde und Waldernährungslehre
Tel.: 203-3612

Christine Schemann
- questions of registration -
Institut für Bodenkunde und Waldernährungslehre
room 315
Tel: 203-3626

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