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Eurosoil 2004

ATTENTION: The homepage of EUROSOIL is currently not available! We are working on this... (06.10.2005)

, a new congress which was realised for first time in Reading, Great Britain in the year 2000, will take place again in 2004, this time in Freiburg, Germany.

From September 4 through September 12, 2004 working soil scientists and practitioners from all over Europe will consider the part played by soils in terrestrial ecosystems. Actual research results will be presented and discussed in twenty or so different symposia over a five day period. During these five days there will be an on-going poster presentation giving an overview of the whole spectrum of soil research and providing a forum for small group discussion. On a Saturday and Sunday and the afternoon of Wednesday Excursions into the French Swiss and German surroundings of Freiburg are planned.

The members of the organisation committee urge you to put Eurosoil 2004

September 4 - 12, 2004

on your professional calendar. Through your presentations of research papers and posters and your participation in discussions Eurosoil will be an attractive and vivid forum for the exchange of knowledge in soil science. 

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