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Erosion Modelling in the Lesser Himalayas – a comparative study between empirical and deterministic soil erosion models


The main objectives of this study are to test and compare, a series of erosion models ranging from simple empirical ones like USLE; middle ones like SWAT and MMF; and deterministic ones like WEPP and LISEM for a small hydrological catchment in the Indian Lesser Himalayas.

A comparison of modeling results, of costs involved and of poor parameterization of data used for different models will be analyzed. The objective is not just quantification of erosion from the watershed, but to identify the parameters which are necessary when working on erosion in the Lesser Himalayas and to define a computationally effective suitable model for the region.

Another objective is to work towards development of an interface based on freely available softwares and GIS interfaces which can be used as an appropriate erosion tool with practical applicability in the region. Eventually we wish to use the different soil erosion models as predictive tools to test for land use changes occurring in the area.

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